Don’t Knock It ‘Til You Try It

I vividly remember the particular instance when my parents drove around the Save Mart parking lot and asked me to jump out of the car and purchase some milk really quick. This request was plucked straight from a horror movie. To go into a store by myself and carry out this task that required interaction with people and so much potential for things to go wrong (i.e., entering the wrong pin number, being asked why I’m using a debit card that doesn’t have my name on it, being carded when I’m under 21 for purchasing milk, dropping cash through a magically appearing hole in my pocket, etc.) was not going to happen. And it didn’t happen.

I have similar memories with being asked to make phone calls as simple as setting up my own doctor appointment. I’m not introverted but maybe I was… I just don’t have a rational explanation for why I was so threatened by everything! It’s a miracle I survived college on my own. I guess I was forced to when I went away to college. To my knowledge, this is where I became independent. I had to make my own phone calls, buy my own milk, and do my own laundry. It was liberating.

With this newfound freedom, I started saying “YES!” to so much more. I don’t remember which New Year’s Eve it was, but one of my resolutions around this time was to stop being a pansy and start accepting invitations to things! From that point on, I’d go to the desert, road trip to the Grand Canyon, sign up for ridiculous classes, and just have some fun. I still consider myself more reserved than many of my peers who are currently in Thailand or whatever. But I don’t feel the need to leave the country to do some pretty cool stuff. That’s what this menu item is all about! The random things I sign up for and do!

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