My name is Alicia Wagoner and my adventures are little less global and bit more mild mannered. Assuredly, I understand the hype behind travel – the more popular category of blogging: there are wonders to be explored; incomparable experiences to experience; and billions of unique and diverse people to encounter. These are fair reasons to diagnose yourself as bitten by the relentless wanderlust bug. There are some for who travel is an exceptionally important and very real passion. However, I think nearly everyone can agree that traveling is awesome – self included. But I’d be lying if I said it was my “passion.” Why write about it if it isn’t my passion?

Here are a few things I am passionate about (in no particular order):

  1. Locally exploring (especially abandoned or dubbed “haunted” places)
  2. Road trips/Day trips
  3. Craft coffee and food
  4. My faith
  5. Music in the forms of dancing, singing, and songwriting (see YouTube!)
  6. Trying something random at least once!

This the the eclectic collection of what I want to share with you. Above many of these things, I am passionate about writing. That is why I choose to share this content in this form.

A little bit more about me personally:

  • I love Jesus and if there’s one thing I’d want to sit and learn about, it’s Him.
  • I’m an ex-volleyball and soccer player, and ex-dancer (though I do a lot of it on my own at home and occasionally try to attend classes).
  • I truly love hiking but I don’t get to do it much
  • I used to be a hardcore Xbox Gamer Girl!: Beast Mobile 34! woot! I was good too, ok? Oh, and now I’m a contractor for a studio that makes some of the Call of Duty games 🙂 Hint: They’re releasing COD: WWII soon!
  • I’m not a champ at it, but I have so much fun trying out recipes: baking and cooking. I’ll definitely be sharing them as they happen.



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