Farm Table San Francisco

My sister, Dre, and I just went to San Francisco a few days ago to visit some friends. Not too long ago, we went on the world’s fastest road trip. We drove to Salem, Oregon on day. Went to a wedding in Portland the next day. And drove back that evening. Remind me to share that trip because it was pretty stressful and terrible on the return trip!

Anyways, we were there for our friend Kae’s wedding. Only a few months earlier we flew to PDX to visit her. In those two trips, we became close to her sister Ales, and a few of her friends. Well, after getting married to a SF native, Kae moved to San Francisco and a few days ago, her sister and a few of her friends flew down here to visit her. My sister and I basically invited ourselves over. While they were out and about getting a Zip Car and whatnot, my sister and I needed to kill sometime. We were pretty famished and so we parked near our friend’s digs and Yelped some places nearby. I noticed a little dinker spot called Farm Table. Boy did I choice wisely!

This place is very difficult to sit down and eat at. It’s a tiny little kiosk type setup. There’s one relatively large table you can sit at inside, but otherwise, there’s one or two really small tables outside (basically on the sidewalk) and a few random stand-and-eat makeshift tables out there as well. There were lots of people there and so my sister and I just sort of plopped ourselves down on a plank of wood until some guys left. As I saw them get up from the small table, I told my sister to run and grab it before someone else did. We got out spot and then – just to tell you how cramped this area is – a stranger (a lovely lady named Alma) asked if she could sit in the third chair at our table. It’s close quarters so it would’ve been more awkward to not make conversation with her. She turned out to be very sweet and motherly! She was visiting her son from LA at the Academy of Art in SF.

As you can see in the picture above, I had their “Daily Toast” which is a giant piece of brioche toast with mascarpone and an array of fresh fruit and walnuts. It was delicious, fresh, and I didn’t feel bad eating it! I also had a lavender latte which I enjoyed. Sometimes lavender lattes can be overpowering but it was very subtle. Our new friend alma had some kind of latte with Turmeric. I hear it’s great for you but I don’t imagine that’d taste good! My sister had a croissant with egg and she added avocado. I didn’t try it myself, but she thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely recommend this place and can’t help but crave it now!


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