I use to be an intern at my church in Ocean Beach. I had attended and participated in this church for the first two years of college, so Ocean Beach’s very own “Azucar” Cuban coffee shop was one I was very familiar with. I had had a few drinks here – typically their Dulce de Leche Macchiato. One of my closest friends, Karis, has recently decided she’s going to be obsessed with this place so we took a little trip over there recently. Having studied abroad in Spain, she’d been missing the tiny little espressos she’d often enjoy there. So, that’s precisely what we got…


Personally, I don’t like espresso without a little something sweet or milky in it. I do enjoy black coffee but espresso’s different for me! I had the barista make our espresso with some raw sugar so that it’d melt in the espresso. She topped it off with a dollop of foam for us too. That’s not all we enjoyed here: we also got a delicious mango and passion fruit cheesecake. This coffee shop, as preciously mentioned, is Cuban. The owner is Cuban and practiced being a pastry chef in France… something like that! Needless to say, the pastries are a gem. I often get their pastelitos con queso. It’s a little flaky pastry filled with a sort of fruity jelly and some cheese. It’s like a danish but a billion times better! They also have a selection of panninis and sandwiches too.
V__E1E7 V__EBB6Check them out next time you’re in Ocean Beach, CA: 4820 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107



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