Little Lion Cafe

I can’t help but think of the Mumford and Son’s song “Little Lion Man,” whenever I think about, see, or speak about this this delightful cafe.

This quaint establishment is located right at the edge of Sunset Cliffs. I use to live with some folks from my local church in Ocean Beach, CA and would often walk to OB and back. I’d always pass this place – before it was Little Lion Cafe. I never did stop in though. One day this year I drove by and noticed it had been completely redone and I’d been curious to peek my head in there and observe all the renovations. My friend Katrina and I have been regularly attending a church in Mira Mesa and have been eager to bring our friends along with us. This Sunday morning we brought my friend Karis. After the service, Karis suggested that we go to the Little Lion Cafe and I was excited to finally try it out.

Chia Seed Pudding (Vegan – made with Coconut Milk!)


Katrina, Karis and I, sat together and had some awesome fellowship. We read the first chapter of C.J. Mahaney’s, “The Cross Centered Life” and reflected on it over brunch. I was so pumped about the food and ambiance of this place that a few weeks later, when my sister Andrea came to San Diego to visit/help me pack up and drive home for summer, I also took her here.


I picked her up late on a Thursday night and we woke up at 5:00am to visit Sunset Cliffs as the sun rose. Embarrassing confessions: It didn’t click until our alarm went off at 5am that the sun does not rise where it sets and the sunrise would not occur on sunset cliffs… We thought it still might be a pretty sight so we decided to go anyways. It was worth it. There was a storm rolling in that morning and it was an ominous sight. After watching the angry waves crashing against the cliffs, we decided to drive over to OB donuts for a donut and some coffee. We went over to Newport Ave. and wanted to walk along the pier. The moment we set foot on the pier the storm hit and it began to rain cats and dogs! We screamed and sprinted back down to our car. We sat there for a bit before going back to my apartment close by, changing into less soaked clothes, and then went back to eat at the Little Lion Cafe at 8am (when they open).

I, of course, got my Chia Seed pudding and a cup of coffee while my sister got a chai tea latte and a Super Food Bowl filled with veggies, quinoa, avocado, black beans, and other healthy fun things.

6tag_080515-094306We sat nestled into a little corner of the quaint shop while rain sprinkled, then poured, then stopped, over and over again. We had fun with some of the workers there. The man helping us was there the last time I went with Karis and Katrina. I like him. He looks like a friendlier Gerard Butler! I liked him because he did not roll his eyes at the hyper-activity of my sister and I. He joined in on our weirdness. I liked that. I like him.

6tag-180820662-980445550724406884_180820662 V__9320

This place is perfect for grabbing a bite with a few friends. It isn’t very large in there so bigger parties wouldn’t be very well accommodated. They’re not intentionally a vegan restaurant but they have lots of options for vegans. There food is reasonably priced and full of healthy options – I don’t think I saw any unhealthy options if you wanted any! I haven’t come here for lunch or dinner but based on their instagram that I follow, the selections look phenomenal. YOU try it, and let me know how it is. How’s that? šŸ™‚


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