Coffee Coffee Leucadia

As my sister, Andrea, and I began our long trek from San Diego to Pleasanton, CA, we decided to stop at a coffee shop around Encinitas. A year or two ago, my sister and our friend Emilia had stopped at a random coffee shop there and informed me that it was “the best latte they had ever had.” I was full to the brim with envy when I had heard that but alas, here was my opportunity to have it myself.

The coffee shop is called “Coffee Coffee”, formerly known as “Cafe IPE.” It’s located in Leucadia, CA.

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We got some very delicious muffin type thing made with honey. The outside was moist from the honey – but not sticky. This thing was absolutely delicious! My sister and I both got a latte and I must say, it was exquisite. I can’t truly judge a coffee shop by their espresso alone so on our way out, I got a blueberry bagel to go for my sister and I to share, and a pour over to go. 3/3. Espresso, Pour Over, and Pastries… they hit the trifecta. Rarely do shops nail all three of these categories. Also, I fell in the love the barista, Matt, that was working there. No big deal….


If you’re passing through Leucadia, make sure to stop off at Coffee Coffee. Maybe even take your coffee to go and drive a little further down the highway and you’ll notice and breathtaking little private beach area!


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