Should I Order In Tonight? No! Trust me, I’m a Poor College Student Too

The title of this post is a bit of a mouth-full but I love it, don’t you?

This is a short post I want to share about being wise with your money! I’m a junior in college right now and if you’re struggling through that beautiful time of college, you know the struggle all to well. Can I get an ‘Amen!’ on the struggles of, “Oh my gosh, do I even have money for starbucks?” Or the classic, “I’m just going to put $8 in my tank…”

On a less relatable note, if you’re like me and you’re off-campus living… sometimes you find a solid street parking spot that you’re just not about to give up over leaving to grab some grub. So you order in.

Fall semester (it’s now spring semester), I lived somewhere else than where I currently live. I kid you not, I ordered in Thai food from Eat24…. basically every weekend. It was a problem. Since moving into my new place, I haven’t ordered in much, but I did a few days ago and even though I had just had it a few days ago, I was feeling the temptation to do it again tonight. You see, I just got back this afternoon from a long and exhausting trip to Salvation Mountain. It’s a beautiful place to check out but I got nooo sleep last night and the sound of kicking back, watching a movie on Netflix and having some potentially cute guy deliver me some Thai food in quantities that cause them to put two sets of chopsticks in the bag, assuming it’s for two people – slightly offended! – sounded bomb! But I couldn’t. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you felt iffy about filling up your tank so you just filled it up half-way, then don’t order in food. Get creative.

I tried pulling the, “But I seriously have NO food at home!” card but that’s a fat lie. You DO have SOMETHING at home and you can get creative. This isn’t a secret cheap low-budget college kid recipe post, but I will share with you what I had for dinner today because it was awesome. I attempted to pull the ‘no food’ card but I knew I was kidding myself. I had some romaine lettuce, some left over rice from when I last ordered in, my roommates have eggs, turkey slices and pepper jack cheese and classic Top Ramen, I had cucumbers, purple onions, tomatoes and sweet peppers… I had something to work with. Throw it together. Get creative.

I cut up the romaine lettuce, slices the peppers, hard boiled an egg, sliced the cucumbers, diced the purple onions, rolled pepperjack cheese into the turkey, popped some tomatoes on the plate, heated the rice, and stove-topped the Ramen (also added a gazillion spices and sauces to the Ramen so it wouldn’t taste so generic and $.89-ish.

I feasted like a King. And it looked like this:


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