James Coffee Co: The New Girl | Black Ice Part II

If you read my Black Ice Post, then you know about my internal warfare with this place. My “love-with-a-pinch-of-hate” relationship, I believe I called it. In that post, I drew some symbolism to the words “Black Ice” that I had written in chalk on their board. Well, it’s gone.

They completely did away with the chalk writing and replaced it with some cool print attached to clipboards. My Black Ice claim is here no longer. Oh, the irony!

I expressed this frustration of how slowly my personal relationships with these people has progressed but in the darkness and hopelessness of these relationships there is a glimmer of hope found in the new girl.

A few months ago one of their iconic baristas left and they added two part-time people to replace her. Maybe the second day I saw this new girl, I knew more about her than anyone else and she knew more about me than they did. She was actually personable and asked questions about school and my major – questions nobody else has asked. Sweet! Not only that, but she regularly charges me $2 for close to $4 drinks. That sounds like a joke or really stupid but that’s freaking awesome to me! 😀

The new girl gets it. I enjoyed my beautiful $2 8oz espresso with milk this lovely afternoon.



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