Magpie Cafe | Insight Coffee Roasters (The Capitol)

1409 R St. #102 Sacramento, CA 95811

1014 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95818

I recently had spring break and got to enjoy being home with my family up in Roseville, CA [about 30 minutes North of Sac-Town]. This break was such a good one. I mentioned in my Lasanga Rolls and Swagger Berries post that I surprised my mom and dad with my visit. It ended up being a break spent mostly with family. Typically, I’m on the move trying to go do fun Nor-Cal things with all my “home” friends, but this time was different.

I mentioned that I’m a Christian in my “About Me” section and so if you’re also a believer you’ll understand this paragraph – if you’re not, just ignore it! I struggled a lot with a perpetual sin issue from freshman year of college, till fairly recently. It’s one of the more ‘serious sins’ and it effected me greatly and maliciously. My Spirit has never before experience such quenching and grieving and the turmoil that it caused me mentally, physically, and emotionally as well, was substantial. Well, I believe sins ought to be confessed chiefly to God Himself, but also to the ones that were affected by it. I believe the sins I committed took a toll on my family and that in a way, it was a sin against them. This break, I confessed it to them. After 2.5 years of burying it and prolonging the moment I’d confess – absolutely dreading it – God sort of forced me to! He Divinely orchestrated the time, place, and situation that called me to do it. More on that later!!! I’ll probably post in the Whoa, That’s Personal! section; We’ll see. I’m explaining all this because though confessing was stomach churning and heart wrenching, it was necessary and ultimately brought me so much closer to all of my family members. It’s like an invisible wall had existed all this time between us and I didn’t even realize it. After those events, I felt like taking my mom on a date – something we’ve never really done! Where to? Magpie Cafe! And then? Insight!

Magpie – when I went with my sister and friends.

I had been to Magpie one other time with my sister and friends so I just knew my mom would really enjoy it. Plus, I had it up my sleeve to also take her to Insight (the Capitol location) too which is close by. Magpie is a really cool location. The building is brick and inside there are also brick walls. I would describe this cafe as rustic. They open a little later in the morning and so my mom and I got there right when they opened and were hilariously the only people there for most of our time there. It had been  raining a bit in town so the pavement was shiny with water, the sky was gloomy, and the air was crisp. I loved it. My mom seems to have minor anxiety with ordering things. Rather, she gets overwhelmed and isn’t super picky so she would just rather have someone order for her and be surprised. I had prepared.

My beautiful mother and I at Magpie

My mom and I both got a bowl of their heirloom soup which comes with a baguette. We also ordered their cheese platter to share – we love cheese! It comes with small toasted pieces of bread and some fruit (apples, figs, and blood orange slices). It was divine! Absolutely perfect for the weather we were having too. We talked a little more about my confession from the day before. My mom took it the hardest – but still well! It got a little tense for a second there but we dealt with it and moved on. After ‘breakfast’, I really wanted to take my mom to Insight (The Capitol location).

Outside Looking In
Inside Looking Out
Sharing laughs with my momma
my beautiful mother!


She hates this picture of her but I think she’s cute!

Insight has three locations in Sacramento: South Side, Pavilions, and The Capitol. Insight is quite popular among coffee connoisseurs and so I’ve had it quite a few times. The first location I went to was the South Side location. It’s also the one I’ve most frequently gone to. The building is entirely brick, they have a barista that I am convinced is related to Johnny Dep, and a funky wall fainted with cool designs. I visited the Pavilions location only this spring break. Not a fan really. It’s literally in a shopping pavilion so it just seems out of place. The coffee is consistently good throughout though. No, I took my mom to The Capitol location – one of my all around favorites. Before this particular location was Insight, it was Broadacre Coffee. They had this Lavendar Latte that just melted my heart and made my taste buds sing! However, Insight replaced them. At first this bothered me because I really loved Broadacre (though they were inconsistent). I took my mom to this location because again, I knew it was moreso her style. The building is shape is classic and their nook looking out to the Capitol is perfectly cozy. I ordered my mom an almond milk latte sweetened slightly with their classic brown sugar syrup. She loved it! I got an Ethiopia brewed with a french press- my go to is Ethiopia at pretty much all coffee shops but usually with the V60.

From Christmas break ~ The Nook




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