James Coffee Co.

You guys, I’m going to have to just dedicate an entire post [edit: …dedicate an entire sub-tab] to this coffee shop because I am a regular here and basically obsessed with it. When I say I’m a regular, I mean every single day – for a while, even twice a day. You’ll probably see posts often from this place and even on my Whoa! That’s Personal tab, because my coffee addiction has led to relationships with the employees and owner that have transferred into my personal life! But since this blog is just kickin’ off, let me just catch you up with a whole post of pictures from there. Brace yourself. There are several and I don’t even take pictures of every single time that I go. But first, let me introduce you to the love of my life: James Coffee Co.

This retro coffee shop is owned by head-roaster, David James Kennedy. This sight for sore eyes and former guitarist/keyboardist for Angels and Airwaves is impossible to miss. Just look for any of the following: flannel, or a blue shirt with a number on it, a hat, often some shades, incredibly long hair, incredibly tall, and tattoo sleeves. I don’t know… you can’t miss him. What started as a wholesale roasting business from home became one of the best coffee shops in San Diego that is growing tremendously in popularity. It’s located in the outer corner of Little Italy’s, India St. The space is so large that other small shops also share the space. The coffee these people craft is expertly sourced, expertly roasted, and expertly brewed. I can’t speaking highly enough of not only the shop and its owner but the whole team. I’ve grown to sincerely love their baristas! (whether that’s reciprocated; not sure). Take a stroll with me down my James Coffee Co. memory lane:


The glorious street-view of the shop with its iconic owl logo & me whipping out my signature ‘Nacho Libre in his recreational clothes’ pose.
The delicious Blueberry Old Fashioned Donut they sell on weekends. David saved me one since they’re always sold out by the time I get there!
Images_untitled (32 of 35)
Ah, let us not forget their delicious pour overs. I believe this was either Ethiopia or White Owl – two favorites.
Images_untitled (4 of 35)
Meet Nate. He’s a photographer. He’s a good one too. And he also likes coffee.
Chris, one of my favorite baristos made sure to let me know HE did this latte art. I think he’s just trying to tell me he’s in love with me.
Finally my sister, Andrea Wagoner, came to SD to visit me.
A great place to study with friends!
I occasionally make special latte art requests and Matt fulfills them!
I don’t love this picture, but it gives you a glimpse of the store atmospherics. This was me trying on some Salt Sunglasses from Spec. Optometry in the store.
5oz to go please!
Observe the space. Quite something. Behind me, you’ll spot another regular, Joe!
I found the 5 oz to go cups adorable.
The last drink I had before going home for a week for Spring Break 2015.
This is one of my favorite pictures. Dylan crafted this beaut and posted it on his own personal Instagram too.
The beautiful day David gifted me a mug for Valentine’s Day 😉
This is actually me at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, realizing that I’m cheating on James Coffee Co., and then walking down the street to fulfill my loyalty duties.
This just happened yesterday! 3/19/15. Chloe Sparacino. Ah Chloe. Facilities Director? Receptionist? I don’t even know. She’s the best human being ever – so poetic. She sponsored my adventures and sent me off to buy her an iced latte from!



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