The Devil Wears “Prado”

Yesterday, Thursday, I went about my day as usual:

  1. Wake up to my “Last of the Mohicans” ringtone
  2. Perpetually hit snooze until I accidentally hit dismiss
  3. Wake up because your roommate is rustling around the room; realize you slept in far too late; and scurry to get ready and hit the road
  4. Take a Business Law test I didn’t study for
  5. Take a Finance quiz I didn’t study for
  6. Find an excuse to go across town to James Coffee Co.
  7. Suffer through the SPSS software in Marketing Research with a professor who barely speaks English and refers to Niagra Falls as Nigeria Falls

Somewhere along the events of the day I received a text from Katrina. It felt similar to an incoming Top Secret Mission sent from some underground HQ cavern. She wanted to go “grab some chow.” I got pretty excited. I have that growing list on my phone of places to eat in San Diego and I was looking forward to the opportunity to check some off.

Katrina is a newer acquired friend. We often joke about the process of making new friends at this age and stage in life, saying that we’re basically dating each other. That’s been the ongoing joke. Our “first date” was a classic, girly, cheesy sleepover. Yeah, we slept together on the first date. Joking aside, this girls is incredible and I’m sincerely blessed by God to have her in my life now! Anyways, last night was date night.

She came over to my apartment and we sat in her car trying to “choose our own adventure” for the night. Despite her insistence on having no preference on style or type of food, she eventually pressed for a place of her own choosing – not from carefully crafted list. Prado. I debated calling this post, “Presentation on Fleek!” because that’s how she described this place in her pitch, and their presentation truly was on fleek.

Balboa at night


Located in the beautiful, Spanish styled Balboa Park, Prado’s ambiance and presentation did not disappoint. It’s found right in the center of the park, tucked away in a little square with a beautiful fountain centerpiece. We requested seating in the back patio and that was a wise choice indeed.
As the sun went down, the beautiful string lights came on and added so much more to that ambiance. There’s a beautiful section in the back with a gazebo, water, and green trimmed  hedges. I can talk endlessly on the ambiance but what about the food?

Our view from our table


Prado is upscale Mexican cuisine. Dinner entree items range from $20 – $35, though word is they have an ‘appetizer’ special menu available with specific seating outside (it was full when we got there so we had to order from the main menu). Not really wanting to drop $30 on dinner, I ordered a Farmer Greens Salad with added chicken and Katrina ordered a Bean Soup and some fru-fru white wine. The soup was beautiful! I didn’t even want her to eat it because I just wanted to stare at it. To be perfectly honest, I’d moreso go here for ambiance than food. But I really value ambiance! Prado isn’t quite like the types of eateries I consider and add to my personal list but it was still a lovely ‘date.’

My date!



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